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Make one small change and together we can make a real difference

Here's what you can do to help save the Amazon.

  • Make small changes
  • Spread the word
  • Learn more about the rainforest
  • Find out more about WWF's work in the Amazon and how you can get involved
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Make some small changes

Shop sustainably by buying forest friendly products 

  • Look out for FSC labelled products which come from well-managed forests, so you're supporting responsible forest management instead of  illegal or unsustainable logging. Look out for the FSC label on everything from garden furniture to toilet tissue.
  • Buying sustainable rainforest products helps make the forest worth more standing and helps reduce pressures to deforest- For example Brazil nuts, which need intact rainforest to prosper, and wild rubber and acai berries, which help support local economies in the rainforest. Look for the Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance symbols on the products you buy.. Buying sustainable rainforest products can help people in the Amazon earn a better living from the forest, at the same time as keeping the forest standing. As part of SRR we’re helping to create a market and improve production for wild rubber, and acai.. By changing the economics of the Amazon, we can help keep the forests standing.

Try to ensure the paper and cardboard you use is recycled and keep reducing, reusing and recycling more of the paper and cardboard you currently use.

  • With rising global populations and growing wealth across the world, the demand for wood and fibre from forests is rising to make paper, wood products and use for energy generation. So is ever more important to be source responsibly and be efficient in how we use these products to protect areas like the Amazon.

Help keep our carbon emissions down at home

  • Try reducing how much energy you use by turning off electronics rather than keeping things on standby or washing your clothes on 30 degrees for example. Climate change is one of the biggest threats to the rainforest. Burning less oil and gas in our cars, boilers and power stations helps lower our greenhouse gas emissions that are responsible for causing climate change. Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing the Amazon.

Recycle your old gadgets

  • Did you know that mobile phones and other electronics contain minerals like copper, aluminium and gold? By recycling old gadgets you will be helping to reduce deforestation and pollution in the rainforest which is caused by mining.

Spread the word

Help raise awareness of the importance of our world's largest rainforest, the threats it faces and what we are doing on the ground to help keep one billion trees standing. Simply follow us on Facebook or Twitter and share our inspiring images, videos and updates with your friends & family.

Learn more about the rainforest

Discovery trails

While the Amazon seems so far away, we can all learn more about it and why it is important to our lives. You can visit one of the discovery trails we launched in partnership with the Forestry Commission to get you out into your local forest and learn why they and the Amazon rainforest are so special to all of us.

Visit Eden

Take a look inside our new wild rubber exhibit at the Eden Project which opens on the 7th April. You will be taken on a journey discovering how wild rubber is sourced from Amazonian trees in a sustainable way before being processed to make every day products. Rubber tapping is an alternative to cutting down trees in the Amazon and one of the ways we are helping make the forest worth more alive than dead.

Children and the classroom

Children can learn more about the Amazon too with some of the free primary school resources we have to offer.

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