Making a difference on the ground

In Acre, Brazil we’ve helped:

  • Keep one billion trees still standing in the project area 
  • Avoided over 3.7 million tonnes of carbon emissions 
  • Engaged 1,500 farming families in sustainable agriculture 
  • Grown the market for wild rubber with 60 rubber processing plants 
  • Driven a 50% growth in wild arapaima numbers in project lakes
  • Taught 3,000 local school children about protecting their precious rainforest

Inspiring action in the UK

In the UK and Ireland we’ve:

  • Raised £9 million in six years (including £4 million matched funding from Sky)
  • Increased 7.3 million people’s understanding of deforestation in UK and Ireland
  • Commissioned eight Amazon programmes shown on Sky, part of 12 weeks of environment-themed programming
  • Welcomed one million visitors to our UK rainforest experiences
  • Engaged five million people with our online campaigns
  • Taught 80,000 children about the rainforest with our I love Amazon schools programme