Sky Rainforest Rescue was launched by Sky and WWF in 2009 with the aim to help protect one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest. The mission was to keep the rainforest standing by making it possible for local people to make a sustainable living from the forest without having to cut it down.

On the ground in Brazil

We’re incredibly proud of what this partnership between Sky and WWF achieved over six years.  Together we’ve raised over £9 million and helped save one billion trees in the state of Acre, north-west Brazil. The funds raised by Sky Rainforest Rescue supporters helped us to stop deforestation by giving local people in the Amazon ways of making a fair living from the forest, without cutting down the trees.

Inspiring people in the UK

And as a broadcaster in 11.5 million homes, we’ve also been able to inspire and engage people on the issues of deforestation and have given 7.3 million people and increased understanding of climate change.

Creating a legacy

The Sky Rainforest Rescue legacy will continue into the future as learnings and funds will continue to support people in the Amazon and protect the future of this precious and irreplaceable rainforest.

Continuing to inspire people through Sky Ocean Rescue

Sky Ocean Rescue is inspiring millions of people across Europe to take action to help protect our oceans.

Life on earth depends on our oceans, so we’re using our voice to inspire millions of people across Europe to take action to help protect it.

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